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Where The Fun Never Ends Because It Never Began...

Blood Streaked And Tear Stained...

Eyes That Lie
11 September 1985
I am...

I see death wherever I look
I see darkness in the light
I see pain through the happiness
I see suffering through the laughter
I see tears through the smiles
I see hate through the love
I see the world around me through eyes that lie.

Look around. This is my world.
It's dark, yet funny.
Sad, yet ironic.
Morose, yet hopeful.

Watch as I laugh through my tears
Smile through my suffering

I welcome the pain, it means we're all still alive.
This is my world, my pain, my sweet oblivion.

In my time, I have been a million different splintered segments.
There is much about me you don't know.
I'm the girl whose words flow like beams from a darkened sun.
Mystery shrouded in darkness, wrapped up in so many thin layers of insanity.
You'll never quite know who I am, yet you can feel me, see me, hear me, taste me...
I'm the fairy, the goth girl, the raver, the rainbow through darkness, the darkness through sunlight. I'm the music maker, the dancer, the glitter on black, the color in grey, the grey in color...
I'm the girl you're never quite sure exists.
And when I'm gone, you'll argue over who I was. Or even if I was.
I'm the forever mystery, the fear, the hope, the immortal.
I'll be your best friend, your lover, your worst nightmare.
I am Enigma.

Question 64: "Do you feel alone, even when others are around you?"
Also, I can kill you with my brain.

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